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Friday, January 13, 2006

Sex with an Ex

I'm not usually a woman who goes back for sex with an ex, once we've broken up. I move on to other pastures and rarely look back...

until recently...

last year I had an affair for about five months with an old flame from my college era. And the sex was incredible. We both had learned much and we were able to get past the old bounderies and explore uncharted territory... without the complications on being in love. It was satisfying and... rewarding on both parts. We knew it was a temporary thing and once it was over, we stayed friends and are good friends to this day... emailing each other almost daily.

In the past I've always made a joke about guys who call old girlfriends when they break-up with their current one. I say they do this to seek comfort in what is known until they get the nerve and confidence to find someone new.

But what about the old loves that were so intense, the sun hid it's eyes? Do these fires ever die?

That's what I intent to find out this weekend.

An old love... a very passionate love got in contact with me before Christmas and since then we've decided to get together this weekend for sex. He swears that his sex life has sucked in the worse way since we broke up in 99. I have to confess that my encounters have been lacking ..something... maybe intensity, maybe a cock as large as his...who knows.

But since our last time together... I've learned much about myself... I've matured into a woman... with little unrealistic fantasies such as love conquering all and the power of love to heal all wounds...that's impossible. I thought I could save him from his demons but in the end, he had to save himself. I think he has.

When we talked recently, he sounded at peace. A confident man who wanted a chance to see what it would be like now... and I am game.

We've had lovers since our break-up and many self discoveries. I can't wait for him to see the new me...the woman with a toy bag full of exotic adult toys, who isn't afraid to explore them..a woman who knows her pleasure spots and will gladly draw a map to them...a woman who is sexual and very erotic.

Carnal pleasures await us...and if something else evolves from be it... we'll handle that when we need to...for now

We'll handle each other.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Cyber Sex

When I first got online, I wasn't too sure about cyber sex, meaning I didn't see the big deal over it. You know, typing about what you would do to that person. So when I did get drawn into the cybering world of virtual sex, I would get sooooooo bored. Pulling up other windows and surfing while I waited for my cyber partner to type his script.

Then I came across someone who spurred my mind, who flamed my intellect and I found cyber sex heaven. It just clicked. But the problem I faced later with others was the lack of like minds sliding into orgasmic cyberdom together.

That's when I realized I wasn't a cyber slut for just anyone. I stopped going to the chatrooms or taking on any IM that started with A/S/L... or fuck me.

Now my cyber sex partners (when I do cyber--which is rare) are special, because not only are we decadence, we're also friends.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Friend but could be so much MORE

I believe most of us has had a friend at one time or another, who is that...a friend who could be more than a friend.

Every thing clicks when you're together.
You say things at the same time.
When they fall off the romance wagon, you're there to listen.
Do things with them so they won't be lonely, yet.... the person never realizes that you are perfect for them.

I've had that to happen twice in my life. (one died of cancer a few years ago...the other is still around.)

All the time, the guy is telling me exactly what he's looking for I keep thinking...Open your fucking eyes. She's right before you.

It drives me nuts. The ups and downs. The ups are when we're doing things or talking a lot. The downs are when he's with someone and neglects our friendship.

But when he needs advice, he's calling. When he needs a hug, he's calling or a confidence boost...

Each time he starts seeing someone else, I tell myself that I shouldn't be so accessible. That I shouldn't stop my life, so he can have a shoulder to cry on.

But, it's like the guy knows when I've almost gnawed through the ankle that has the chain attached to it. He calls or emails and I'm drawn back in.

What a cycle! I hate myself for letting it happen. But like I tell my friends who are trying to get over someone after a breakup or can't breakup even though they know they should...a time will come when I'll be able to push myself away from the table and say... "No thanks, I"ve had enough."

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Waiting is really tough. I haven't heard from my Military guy...not that I expect too anytime soon. But there's that part of you, which hopes for miracles.

I used to be really good at waiting. I spent 6 yrs with Charles, waiting for him to settle down so we could get married. He didn't and we didn't. Then 4 yrs with Allen, waiting for him to have enough capital to be able to go to my parents and ask for my hand in marriage. He never did get the bucks together...we never got married. Hell, that's 10 yrs of my life right there.

Then after breaking up with Allen, I eventually met a GI from Fort Bragg--Special Forces guy, who would get deployed and not tell me anything. Sometimes he would be gone for 6 months at a time. It was love at first sight for both of I waited. For 2 yrs until 9-11 happened. We tried for a few months to be together but I was a distraction from his job. It was either me or his life and the life of his squad. He chose life.

Since then, I haven't been waiting for anyone...until now. Allen once said that if a woman is devoted to a man, she should wait forever. That he devotion shouldn't waiver, not an ounce. (Just how is devotion measured?). I would argue with him. I would say that after 10 or 20 years, the woman should move on, if she's tired of waiting. He disagreed. No matter what I said...He stuck to his guns. I'm still sticking to mine.

Life is I grow older every year, I realize just how much. I've decided I'll wait as long as I can...but I don't know how long that will be.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


A question ... "Do you think seduction is a mental art or a physical art?"

An answer..."I'd have 2 say a lil of both mentally u think what u want 2 do and physically u take it out. I know mentally what I want to do and I do it . --rex, age 34"

My opinion is that seduction is a mental job... you have to win the mind over before the body follows. Seeing naked flesh will work sometimes, but not often does it work immediately. You see ...the key to seduction is the mental thing... feeling a connection beyond the physical. That connection has a word: Desire. The thrill of knowing that arousal from mere presence, mere eye contact or even the sound of a voice, speaking softly in your ear. There is more to sex than the naughty bits. I believe with my whole heart that once both meet: the mental and the physical, then and only then does true seduction take form.

And oh delicious it can be.

Faces Behind Online Profiles

Behind these words is a woman of vivid imagination, detailed intellect and wicked humor. I am a professional restoration artist, a published poet and the care-taker of my family. I treat people with respect and expect it in return.

What fires my Scorpio sting is how some people online think that they can send an email or an IM filled with sexual questions or asking for a nude photo or how large my breasts are or if I'm hairy or shaven!

I don't give out private intimate information to total strangers. Never have I sent an IM or an email to a guy online, asking how big his dick was or if he liked pussy pie. Or to describe what he would do to me sexually. How common is that!!

Too many times, I've encountered this. It disappoints me when an online conversation starts out nice and suddenly is deluged with sexual content. It takes the fun out of figuring out the person, the fun of the chase away... and makes the conversation sordid and downright average.

It's like when I'm on a date, I think..."come on, give me something to spark my mind, to fire my make me long for more after we say good night."

A/S/L doesn't do that. Nor does "do you swallow?"

After reading this, if nothing ever sinks into your skull I hope that at least you'll take this away with you, dear reader. There is a person behind these online profiles, blogs, etc. That person is flesh and blood. That person has a soul and emotions. Before you assume sexual conversation is appropriate, take a moment to reflect "Would I ask this question or make this comment to a stranger I just met in real life?" "Would I want someone to say these things to my mother, to my sister or girlfriend?"

Think. Just because you can't see the person's face, don't assume anything you ask or write is welcomed. Be respectful and let things flow naturally.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Impress me...

before you try to undress me.

I am not easy to impress these days. Show me something different, anything different... destroy all previous concepts that I've developed over men, love and relationships. Don't be too predictable or 'dick'able. Give me something to bite down on.

Got an unsolicited email from a guy today. The subject line said "HI." The body of the email said "intresting. RT"

I wondered...what's intersting? Me? My Poetry? My Website? But I didn't think his email deserved a complete sentence, so I wrote "thanx."

He wrote back. "im bigdick_200x on yahoo. lets chat hun."

Wow... a big dick wants to chat with me. What will it spew forth? Words or spunk? or Wordy Spunk or Spunky Words?

Since I like to look at pictures of big dicks, I perused his profile on yahoo. No pic of a dick..only a guy sitting at a table.. age 34, from an hour away and looking for a woman. Not a bad-looking guy. I might have sent a courteous IM if his profile name wasn't so blatantly sexual.

Sorry guys, but names like bigdick_10 or ass_prober or pussypie_lvr, don't impress me. Infact I'm totally turned off and automatically label you as a sexual predator, looking for an easy piece of ass. Now, big dicks are nice and big dicks that actually know what they're doing are nicer... what impresses me is the mind that goes with a dick... especially if it's developed, fun, adventurous and knows how to communicate.

I'm not about dicks. I'm about the science of dicks, the art of creativity and the function of a mind. If you want this girl undressed, you'll have to show me something more than a big hard dick.

New Title... Again

Still trying to find a perfect fit.

Title wise...

Delicious Syn

Kinda like that.

Monday, October 17, 2005

A Pick-up Line

A really adorable 30 yr-old guy used this on me at the bakery where I stop for coffee.

Didn't work but it did generate a brief flirty conversation.

"Hand me my flip-flops, baby because you've knocked my socks off."

The thing is... he was wearing sandals.